Perfect Imperfection

"Capturing the feelings that lie beneath the surface"

I'm now available to give talks to photography clubs. These comprise my thoughts on photography (particularly black & white) accompanied by five slideshows set to music - over 500 images on the following topics:

Architecture & Industry
Urban Exploration
Graffiti & Street

Please get in touch via the contact form.

"Many thanks for visiting us at Sale last evening, I can assure you your presentation went down very well and enjoyed by all, very inspiring!! Black & white is not an easy subject in my opinion and it takes a good eye to see a picture that works, you presented 500 images or so and to well chosen music to compliment, congratulations to you and your talent!! (Sale Photographic Society)

"We concluded that we had not seen a speaker engaged by so many members at the presentation interval and end. You created a really good vibe in the place on Monday evening. Well done!!! It was quantity with quality, which is a rare combination and additionally, it came from another club member to whom our own members could comfortably relate." (Lancaster Photographic Society)